Our Comprehensive Offerings

Film Production and Distribution

We specialize in bringing exceptional independent films to the world. From concept to completion, Triloc Films offers top-notch production and distribution services that showcase the unique vision of independent filmmakers. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring high-quality results that captivate audiences globally.

Location Scouting & Crew Arrangements

At Triloc Films, we understand the importance of finding the perfect backdrop for your film. Our experienced team can scout potential locations in North America and India, tailoring them to your project’s requirements. Additionally, we arrange complete crews, including talented cast members, to bring your vision to life on location.

Film Financing and Investor Matching

Securing funding for your project is crucial, and our team excels at finding the right investors for your film. We carefully review each project, considering factors such as the producer, director, and cast, to ensure a suitable match. Let us help you navigate the world of film financing and connect you with potential investors who share your vision.

Distribution and Marketing Support

A successful film requires effective distribution and marketing strategies. Triloc Films offers comprehensive support in this area, ensuring that your project reaches its target audience. We leverage our industry connections and expertise to create buzz, generate press coverage, and design impactful marketing campaigns that promote your film’s unique qualities.

Submission and Evaluation

Ready to submit your film? We welcome projects at various stages of production, from scripts to partially funded films. To be considered, provide us with your production details, including budget, script or film project synopsis, and any promotional materials such as trailers or stills. Our team carefully evaluates each submission for its potential to make an impact in the industry.


At Triloc Films, we believe in giving back. Through our philanthropic efforts, we bring together independent film producers, directors, financiers, and studios to support charitable causes worldwide. A portion of our profits from media and entertainment endeavors goes towards helping those in need and making a positive impact on the world.

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Meet Rajan Luthra

Founder of Triloc Films

Rajan Luthra is the visionary founder behind Triloc Films, a worldwide distribution and
production company based in Hollywood, California. With an unwavering passion for
the art of filmmaking and a deep understanding of the industry, Rajan Luthra has built
Triloc Films into a prominent force in the global film market

Driven by a belief in the power of cinema to inspire and unite people, Rajan Luthra
started Triloc Films with a clear vision: to bring the world together as one. His mantra
serves as the guiding principle behind the company’s endeavors, infusing each
project with a sense of purpose and a commitment to making a positive impact.

Rajan Luthra’s extensive experience in the film industry has provided him with valuable
insights and a deep appreciation for the creative process. His dedication to nurturing
independent talent and preserving the integrity of their creative energy sets Triloc Films
apart as a champion for independent filmmakers outside the established studio system.

Beyond his role as a founder, Rajan Luthra is committed to making a difference in the
world through philanthropy. He spearheads initiatives to support various charitable
organizations worldwide, ensuring that a portion of the profits earned through Triloc
Films’ media and entertainment ventures are dedicated to helping the less fortunate.

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